Friday, October 5, 2012

Mtume - "Juicy Fruit"

Juicy Fruit - Juicy Fruit

(Debuted August 6, 1983, Peaked #45, 12 Weeks on the Chart)

If you're a little young to remember the 1980s and anyone tries to tell you that the music that's made nowadays is more graphic or is somehow less "pure," here's a song you can ask about. The "Juicy Fruit" in this song isn't about a stick of gum, it's about cunnilingus. That's right, oral sex given to a female...and the words don't really skirt the subject, either: "I'll be your lollipop, you can lick me everywhere."

Mtume was a funk/soul combo named after percussionist James Mtume, a protege of Miles Davis. Peaking at #45, it was as close to the U.S. pop Top 40 as the group would ever get. Despite that, the song was a million-seller and has provided sample material for a whole host of songs, notably The Notorious B.I.G.'s debut hit "Juicy" and Keyshia Cole's 2007 hit "Let it Go."


  1. Hi! I came across your blog today--I love 80s bloggers! Just wanted to let you know about a pre-release review I have done about the documentary that releases this week on Rick Springfield. This film would not only be interesting to Springfield fans, but will be to anyone who enjoys 80s nostalgia or is interested in the relationship a performer can have with his fans. Feel free to take a look at the review and to share it/link to it if you are interested. I think the film is worthy material for all 80s bloggers :)

  2. Looks like this was as far ahead as Chris got. If any of his family or friends read this, know that many people enjoyed his reviews and will greatly miss him as well as his blogs.

  3. I was also a fan of Chris' writing. We will all miss his posts.

  4. Chris Died 9/2012, byt mysteriously...he vsits from the skies..see his companies 70s music blog.....I also wonder about AdriaN qUINA, OF THE SIMILIARLY THEMED 7 INCHES OF 70S MUSIC AS heHASN';T UPDATED his..AND i';LL MISS cHRIS'S new POSTINGS, BUT THESE OLD ONES ARE THERE AND i WILL MISS TYHAT toP BIGGEST HITS OF THE 70S!! thANKS cHRIS FOR VISITING FROM THE HEAVENS (VIA

  5. I was sorry to learn that Chris had died. I wrote a tribute post on my blog.