Friday, December 9, 2011

The Korgis - "Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime"

Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime - The Korgis Kollection

(Debuted October 11, 1980, Peaked #18, 18 Weeks on the Chart)

Today's entry features a song I didn't care for when I first heard it. At the time, it was too slow and plodding for my young hyperactive brain to focus on. It wouldn't be until literally decades later that I heard it on a rerun of Casey Kasem's American Top 40 radio shows (here's a list of stations that run the show weekly, complete with links to listen live) in 2008 and heard it with an entirely new perspective. In my case, the experiences of adulthood gave me a deeper appreciation of the lyrics.

Written and sung by Korgis member James Warren, "Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime" evokes John Lennon's early post-Beatles work both vocally and instrumentally. It's ironic that the song was sitting near its peak position on the chart just as Lennon was murdered. The haunting ballad would be the only chart hit The Korgis would get in the U.S. and would be re-recorded by the band as well as others over the years.


  1. Both Korgis albums are pretty stellar filled with lush-sounding pop gems.

    I first heard the song on the second album by the similarly-styled The Dream Academy in the 'late '80s

  2. I got this single when it was new, but I've grown to like it even more over the decades. Everything about it is haunting -- the arrangement, the melody, the vocals. It really sticks in my mind.