Friday, June 17, 2011

Y&T - "Summertime Girls"

Summertime Girls - Ultimate Collection: Y&T

(Debuted July 13, 1985, Peaked #55, 10 Weeks on the Chart)

Y&T stands for "Yesterday and Today," which was the original name of the Oakland-based band in the 1970s. Although "Summertime Girls" is the group's biggest hit and perhaps the only one most casual listeners might recognize from them, they were a very influential group around their California home base, In fact, Lars Ulrich of Metallica has said in interviews that seeing Y&T live was one of the catalysts for his decision to become a musician, explaining that they seemed to really enjoy what they were doing.

The group broke up in 1991 but reformed several years later and continue to perform. Lead singer Dave Meniketti is the only member from the 1980s lineup left. Sadly, bassist Phil Kennemore passed away earlier this year from lung cancer.

"Summertime Girls" seemed to be playing on MTV all the time during the summer of '85. For that reason, it is another one of those songs that surprises me to see it missed the Top 40. In any case, it's a great song for the summer, regardless of the 1980s rock vibe it gives off.

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