Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tears For Fears - "Sowing the Seeds of Love"

Sowing the Seeds of Love - The Seeds of Love (Bonus Tracks)

(Debuted September 2, 1989, Peaked #2, 15 Weeks on the Chart)

As the 1980s came to an end, there was a renewed interest in music from the 1960s. Whether that was a factor of the Baby Boomers looking back at "their" music as they started turning 40 and the "new" stuff didn't hold as much appeal to them...or if it was a way for the younger fans to go back an appreciate music back when it seemed simpler and was unadorned by such things as synthesized lines and drum tracks, I have no idea.

The sound of "Sowing the Seeds of Love" recall the late 1960s sound of The Beatles, with its dreaminess and the layers of music used (although there was a synthesizer in the instrumental bridge), even using the line "all you need is love" in the lyrics. The video made for the song recalled the era as well, with a series of psychedelic images. What seems to get lost in the song is that it was born out of a political issue: it was written shortly after Margaret Thatcher was returned to office and wasn't exactly supportive of her remaining in power.

The song was a rush of day-glo sugar, enough to float to #2 on the pop chart in the U.S. and helping to inspire more 1960s reflections to come, from Manchester-based bands the next year.

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  1. My favourite lines in the song are 'Kick out the Style, Bring back the Jam'. This was in reference to Paul Weller breaking up The Jam and forming the Style Council. And yes, The Beatles Sargent Pepper era sound is very prevalent throughout the song.