Monday, June 6, 2011

Al Jarreau - "After All"

After All - The Very Best Of: An Excellent Adventure

(Debuted October 13, 1984, Peaked #69, 9 Weeks on the Chart)

By 1984, Al Jarreau had enjoyed a couple of pop Top 40 hits ("Mornin'," "We're in This Love Together") but was already one of the giants in the jazz field. As the 1980s wore on, Jarreau would continue to get exposure, performing a line of "We Are the World" and singing the theme for the TV show Moonlighting. "After All" didn't become another Top 40 hit, but was still a memorable performance that is played with some regularity today on one of the local radio stations near where I live.

In fact, I was on my way home from work one day shortly after beginning this blog and the song came over the radio. I was immediately taken by his performance: it was seemingly effortless, but you knew right away that it was a Jarreau performance. Since it had been some time since I'd actually heard it, the song stayed with me for the rest of my commute. Getting home, I went right into my reference materials and was happy to see that "After All" was a Hot 100 single, so it was placed on the short list to share with my readers.

That said...enjoy.

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