Friday, June 3, 2011

Sheena Easton - "Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)"

Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) - Sheena Easton: Greatest Hits

(Debuted August 20, 1983, Peaked #9, 21 Weeks on the Chart)  

One of the jobs I've held over the years was a technician for a broadband company. My duties involved installation and repair of customer telephone lines. Yes, I was a telephone man. As a result, songs about phones catch my ear, whether I actually like them or not: Skyy's "Call Me" was already featured in this blog, New Edition's "Mr. Telephone Man" could have been one of my service calls, Tommy Tutone's "867-5309 (Jenny)" was another one and several ELO songs through the years addressed telephone lines.

This song by Sheena Easton really isn't about a telephone, though, even while it uses the device in its actions. The "long distance" refers to a personal connection rather than an electronic one. While the lyrics imply there's an ocean keeping them apart ("Operator, give me Transatlantic"), the words may simply be a metaphor for the gulf between two lovers who are about to split. In any case, she's calling and he isn't responding. Whether the two are on separate continents or just a few blocks apart, that's never a good thing.

The YouTube video below comes from the Solid Gold TV show. As usual, I'm enough of a sucker to show this one instead of a more official promo video from the era.

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  1. Wow, my first crush was on a girl in my Jr. High School who looked like a lot like Sheena. Consequently, my first celebrity crush was on Ms. Sheena Easton and with songs like Strut it was easily sustained. But this was a little gem that I had all but forgotten! Awesome selection, awesome blog. Insightful, poignant and dripping with 40-something nostalgia.