Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boz Scaggs - "Look What You've Done to Me"

Look What You've Done to Me - Urban Cowboy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

(Debuted August 23, 1980, Peaked #14, 17 Weeks on the Chart)

The film Urban Cowboy is one of my guilty pleasures. It's one of those movies where I'll watch it if I find it on TV no matter how deep into the story it's gotten. The soundtrack was a runaway success on the pop charts as well, sending six hit singles and helping to kick-start a country music trend that brought some of Nashville's hitmakers onto the pop charts for a few years. That said, the "Countrypolitan" style was well in effect by 1980 and two of those hits aren't really what would have been counted as "country" music by any stretch of the imagination at the time. One of those hits was Joe Walsh's "All Night Long" and the other was Box Scaggs' "Look What You've Done to Me."

According to legend, the song was written and hastily recorded in one night to provide a musical backdrop to a scene that was going to be filmed the next day. The scene featured Bud (John Travolta's character) taking up with another woman for the evening to get back at his on-again/off-again wife Sissy (played by Debra Winger).

Urban Cowboy's music was coordinated by Irving Azoff, who had been managing The Eagles. For "Look What You've Done to Me," his superstar clients were put to use as backup musicians. For the version used below, the members of The Eagles provide the backing music as well as the backing vocals; in the movie and on the soundtrack, the song features female backup singers instead.

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