Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rupert Holmes - "Answering Machine"

Answering Machine - Partners In Crime

(Debuted May 3, 1980, Peaked #32, 10 Weeks on the Chart)

Today is Valentine's Day, so here's a song that is twist on the usual love song using a conversation that played out over a pair of answering machines. Since there was a 30-second recording time on the tapes used in those days, that limitation was incorporated into the lyrics for a comical effect.

It's odd that Rupert Holmes is sometimes pegged as a One-Hit wonder for the #1 single "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)," because that ignores the fact that he scored two more Top 40 hits after that from the same LP, Partners in Crime.  All three singles were noted for their humorous take on life and love (though the #1 hit was a little too much for some listeners). In a perfect world, he'd have gathered more hits after "Answering Machine," but it would be his last appearance as a singer in the Top 40.

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  1. Fascinating stuff. Makes you wonder how Rupert will have written that now, in a time of cellphones and Skype. I bet the concept will have remained, since answering machines hadn't exactly gone away. Especially now, when you've got millions upon millions of consumers, and all of them needing a reply. Thanks for this info, and we're sure to check this song out.

    Frank @ C2C Services