Monday, April 30, 2012

Lakeside - "Fantastic Voyage"

Fantastic Voyage - Fantastic Voyage

(Debuted January 31, 1981, Peaked #55,8 Weeks on the Chart)

"Fantastic Voyage" was the only Hot 100 entry for the group Lakeside, but it was the biggest of their 17 hits on the R&B chart between 1978-'90. On that chart, it went to #1 the same week it entered the Hot 100 (January 31, 1981) and stayed there for two weeks. It would later be used in a 1994 Coolio song of the same name.

Lakeside was part of Dick Griffey's Los Angeles-based SOLAR Records, but the band started in the Tri-State area around Cincinnati and Louisville and then relocated to Chicago (where their name was taken) before moving west. They were known for their electric live performances, something that didn't always translate to their studio work. With SOLAR, they were able to write and produce their own material, which they did on "Fantastic Voyage." A great funk groove drives the song and the words make it suitable for a cruise down the avenue. The band's album cover had a different kind of "voyage" in mind, showing the members on a ship and dressed as pirates.

That "pirate ship" motif and period costumes would also be used in the video for the song, shown below.

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