Friday, April 6, 2012

Will To Power - "Dreamin'"

Dreamin' - Will to Power

(Debuted June 27, 1987, Peaked #50, 16 Weeks on the Chart)

Will To Power was a Miami-based act that was essentially made up of Bob Rosenberg and whoever he happened to be working with at the time. Rosenberg had been a radio DJ and worked on remix projects in his spare time. When he crossed paths with singer/songwriter Suzi Carr, another Miami local, they worked on several projects including "Dreamin'," which Rosenberg wrote as a tribute to his late sister.

"Dreamin'" was a massive hit in the Miami area, but failed to break through in enough other regions to make it more than a minor hit nationally. However, Miami was a major center for dance music and 1987 was a big year for dance-based songs, and that influence sent the song to the #1 position on Billboard's dance clubs chart. For those who were there at the time, "Dreamin'" was part of the soundtrack to the Summer of '87.

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  1. You nailed it. Will To Power and many other freestyle artists of that time (Stevie B comes to mind) were big in So. Fla. before hitting the top 40. I recall Dreamin and Fading Away getting tons of airplay on Power 96, Y-100, and any other So. Fla. station playing any dance / freestyle in its rotation. Great songs.