Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Katrina and the Waves - "Do You Want Crying"

Do You Want Crying - Katrina & The Waves

(Debuted July 27, 1985, Peaked #37, 10 Weeks on the Chart)

This is the second song from Katrina and the Waves I've featured on this blog (The first on was here last May), and neither of them are the one song the band is best remembered for performing. However, both were Top 40 hits in their own right, which dismisses any claims that they are a One-Hit Wonder. That said, the claim will persist as long as "Walking on Sunshine" remains the only song any of the more mainstream 1980s outlets bothers to play.

Today's entry features the followup single "Do You Want Cryin'," an upbeat number written by the group's bass player Vincent de la Cruz which went to #37 during the late summer of '85. Part of its success can be attributed to the strength of "Waking on Sushine," but the jangly piece of power pop still made the Top 40 on its own merit. What many don't realize, however, is that all the songs on the group's 1985 Katrina & the Waves LP were re-recorded versions of songs the band had already recorded on earlier albums. Their earlier success in England and Canada was good enough to lead to an American release, but the record company took advantage of a bigger budget to embellish several songs and give them a slicker production.

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