Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Breakfast Club - "Right on Track"

Right On Track - Breakfast Club

(Debuted March 14, 1987, Peaked #7, 19 Weeks on the chart)

Fans of 1980s culture remember The Breakfast Club as a 1985 John Hughes movie, but it was also the name of a New York City-based band who were using the name long before the film's script was written. Their first national hit was "Right on Track," a Top 10 single that showed a lot of promise, but they weren't able to capitalize on it. No further singles made the Top 40 and their second album wasn't released by their record company. Today, the band is better remembered because Madonna was a drummer during its pre-fame days.

In hindsight, Madonna may have been a big help in getting the band signed to a major label, and the fact that she was once a member was definitely included in the promotional materials that were sent to stations to promote their self-titled debut album. In fact, I remember Rick Dees introducing "Right on Track" in his weekly countdown show by saying it was by a group "who once slept with Madonna."

Today, "Right on Track" is one of those songs that always takes me back to 1987 when I hear it. I can remember details from my life as it was then: the place I was living, the friends I hung out with, even my girlfriend at the time. They're fond memories of a time that is passed, so my thoughts on the song are similarly kind.

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