Friday, January 20, 2012

The Chicago Bears Shuffling Crew - "Super Bowl Shuffle"

(Not Available on iTunes)

(Debuted January 11, 1986, Peaked #41, 9 Weeks on the Chart)

As we go into the weekend, there are many of us who are paying attention to the NFL playoffs and will watch the games as they get underway. If you're an 80s music fan who was also a sports fan growing up in the era, chances are you'll remember today's song.

The 1985 Chicago Bears were arguably the best football team of the decade. With a 15-1 record, they went on to roll over the teams in their way through the playoffs and on to a Super Bowl where they demolished the New England Patriots. They featured an explosive offense that included the eccentric quarterback Jim McMahon and one of the game's best all-time runners in Walter Payton, but it was their defense that was truly dominant. Head coach Mike Ditka became a legend that year and rookie defensive lineman William "The Refrigerator" Perry was a short-lived superstar, selling the McDLT for McDonald's on television commercials and was available through the mail as a GI Joe figure.

As they rolled through that magical season, several members of the team recorded a rap song called "The Super Bowl Shuffle" that had been written by Richard Meyer, a fan of the team. Rather than bragging about their on-field dominance, the players were doing the song for charity: the record raised more than $300 thousand  for the Chicago Community Trust, an organization that helped needy families. That generous spirit makes up for the fact that the music behind the lyrics is generic 1980s synthesized stuff.

Good intentions aside, it was a big risk to record the song before the team had secured its spot in the Super Bowl. However, it proves the old saying (sometimes attributed to Julius Caesar) that there's no such thing as hubris unless you lose.


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