Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Cars - "Touch and Go"

Touch and Go - Panorama

(Debuted September 6, 1980, Peaked #37, 11 Weeks on the Chart)

"Touch and Go" was the only hit single the group managed to get from its third LP Panorama. The album pointed the group's change from the harder-edged pop/rock from its first two records and showed a glimpse into the material that later brought them more hits in the 1980s. Though less commercially successful than many of its other albums (it "only" went single platinum), the darker tone actually lends the record a quality that makes it more interesting.

The performance in the YouTube video below is from the TV show Fridays, a show that introduced Michael Richards and Larry David (both were part of the hit show Seinfeld, which would get started in 1989). It was evidently taped from a Tampa/St. Petersburg station (not mine...we lived in a different state and didn't even have a VCR then. Besides, I was too young at the time to stay up long enough to watch the show).

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