Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vixen - "Cryin'"

Cryin' - Vixen

(Debuted January 28, 1989, Peaked #22, 13 Weeks on the Chart)

I'll preface this entire entry by pointing out that I was 16 years old when this song was a hit. And yes, at that time I thought the ladies in this band rocked. With the passage of time, my moods and tastes have changed and I've often found that what I really liked back then hasn't aged well. In the case of "Cryin'," it's well-crafted pop and the video is shot to appeal to viewers like the teenage version of myself. I still like the song, despite the fact that it's an obvious relic of its era.

After forming in Minnesota, Vixen eventually moved out to California to join the rock scene there. An early version of the group played a band called Diaper Rash in the movie Hardbodies. Now, if you've never seen that movie, find it and try to watch it. It'll likely change a lot of the perceptions you may have about the 1980s.

The lineup that appears in the video was in place by 1987, and lasted for two albums before disbanding in 1991 due to internal friction. It's likely the group was seen as a Glam rock answer to The Bangles by its record company, which is odd because the two groups had little in common despite having photogenic front ladies.

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