Monday, July 11, 2011

Soulsister - "The Way to Your Heart"

The Way to Your Heart - Original Hits: Soulsister

(Debuted September 3, 1989, Peaked #41, 10 Weeks on the Chart)

I was surprised to see this song missed the Billboard Top 40 since I remember hearing it on the radio when it was a hit. That said, I stopped listening to the American Top 40 program around the time Casey Kasem left in 1988 and Shadoe Stevens took over. That isn't meant to be a dig at Shadoe Stevens; rather, I was usually busy when my local affiliate aired his show so I opted instead for Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40. I know for certain that "The Way to Your Heart" made that show's Top 40, so it was a surprise it didn't do better in Billboard.

In some of my circles of record collectors, I have seen "The Way to Your Heart" called the first single that wasn't available on a vinyl single, which would make it a significant single showing the way the music business was phasing out the seven-inch record in the wake of  the cassette and CD. However, Wikipedia's entry on the song (yes, I know that site is often wrong) claims it was available in a vinyl record. If somebody has any corroborating evidence one way or the other, I'd love to see a comment pointing me in a better direction.

Soulsister was a Belgian duo made up of Jan Leyers and Paul Michiels. "The Way to your Heart" is an upbeat tune that sounds like it's trying to recall the music of the 1960s. Since there was a very strong "retro" movement at that time that fed off of 1960s nostalgia as the kids from the era were beginning to crash headlong into the realities of being all grown up. It's a good song, and I'm still surprised it couldn't get a few more places higher on the chart.

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