Friday, August 12, 2011

The Tubes - "Tip of My Tongue"

Tip of My Tongue - Outside Inside

(Debuted July 23, 1983, Peaked #52, 7 Weeks on the Chart)

There are likely other songs from The Tubes that come to mind from the 1980s, but here at 80s Music Mayhem the lesser-known singles often get to have their moment in the sun. So, this time, the spotlight is going to focus on the forgotten follow-up single to "She's a Beauty."

If you've never heard it before (and given its poor chart performance, there's a good chance you may not have), click the video below. You may be surprised at how good it is.

"Tip of My Tongue" was co-written by Earth, Wind & Fire frontman Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire, who helps out with the performance as well. That gives the song a funkier beat that a listener might expect from a band that was known for its theatrics. On the other hand, producer David Foster lends his own skills to the record, so the instrumental break that sounds like it came from a mid-1980s Chicago outtake is no accident, since Foster was behind the board on those, too.

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  1. My son is 16 and absolutely loves this song. It has a certain something that carries on decades after it left the charts. His friends like it, too (although you have to point out the naughty lyrics, as they are nowhere near as blatant as more recent music). But it is the EWF beat and chorus that gets them all singing in the car together. Take that, Sean Kingston!