Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chicago - "Along Comes a Woman"

Along Comes a Woman - Chicago 17 (Bonus Track Version)

(Debuted February 23, 1985, Peaked #14, 16 Weeks on the Chart)

By early 1985, Peter Cetera was ready to strike out on his own. He had been a very important part of the group Chicago (and its overall sound) for more than 15 years as one of the band's lead singers and the writer of several of their biggest hits, including the group's only #1 singles during his tenure, "If You Leave Me Now" and "Hard To Say I'm Sorry."

His last single as the group's singer was "Along Comes a Woman," a #14 hit in the Spring of 1985. Though the group had long been considered a "faceless" band due to their largely generic album covers that showed logos instead of group portraits, but the avdent of MTV and videos began to change that focus. They would show the band performing their music...and Cetera specifically, since he was singing many of the songs. His rugged good looks may have also played a part -- as Chicago also had two other lead singers -- in making him appear to be the "leader" of the group as the 1980s moved on.
At the same time, Cetera began to tire of the long-term touring required to support their albums. Chicago 17's tour had taken nearly a year, and he was hoping to spend more time with his family. The group, however, was making plans for their next LP and a dual solo/group career (similar to what Phil Collins had with Genesis) wasn't something that anybody felt could be sustained. So, in July of '85, Cetera left his long-time band. They still managed hit singles, but it can be argued the band wasn't the same without him.

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