Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Earth, Wind and Fire - "Fall in Love With Me"

Fall In Love With Me - Powerlight

(Debuted January 22, 1983, Peaked #17, 16 Weeks on the Chart)

By 1983, Earth Wind & Fire had long jettisoned the full brass sound that was their hallmark in the 1970s for a more electronic one. The reason wasn't because of personnel issues or internal strife; as the new decade rolled around, music fans were showing different tastes and funk was evolving. The group was forced to evolve with it or end up joining the other groups who were steamrolled by changing times. This may have been a lesson they learned during the Disco era. They weren't really a Disco group despite recording some danceable tunes, and weren't overly affected by the decline of the sound.

"Fall in Love With Me" is a perfect example of the new direction of the band's sound. The first single from their LP Powerlight, it showed that even though the instruments had changed on their singles, their positive, uplifting message was fully intact. Maurice White handles the lead vocals here, singing the lyrics written by Emotions member Wanda Vaughn and her husband Wayne. It's not one of their better-known tunes, but it's still definitely worth listening to.


  1. The song is "Fall In Love With Me". There's no "tonight" in the title.

  2. You're absolutely right...and I wish you weren't shown as "Anonymous" so I can give you credit. I honestly don't know how that got into the title, especially when it was correctly referenced in the entry.

    I've fixed it, and will keep the comment here to remind me that I probably need to check the titles again before I post them.