Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Klymaxx - "I Miss You"

I Miss You - Meeting In the Ladies Room

(Debuted September 14, 1985, Peaked #5, 28 Weeks on the Chart)

Klymaxx was a six-woman band from Los Angeles led by Bernadette Cooper. They were formed in 1979 and part of the SOLAR Records constellation until 1983. "I Miss You" was their first Top 40 hit and a crossover smash. The band eventually had five chart singles before breaking up in the 1990s.

"I Miss You" is a ballad about dealing with the effects of a breakup. The singer is still in the process of making sense of what has happened: expecting him to be on the line when when the phone rings, she's still hearing his voice when people are talking and she's still expecting him to walk through the door even though it's apparent that he never will. And she's beginning to understand the finality but still holds out hope that things are going to work out. In 1987, the band had another song that held out a similar hope, called "I'd Still Say Yes."
In the year-end countdown for 1986, "I Miss You" ended up ranking at #3, a higher position than it managed to achieve at any point of its entire chart run. It had lingered on the chart for so long that it racked up enough points in the tally to get that boost.

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