Thursday, July 5, 2012

Captain & Tennille - "Do That To Me One More Time"

Do That to Me One More Time - Ultimate Collection: Captain & Tennille

(Debuted October 20, 1979, Peaked #1, 26 Weeks on the Chart)

I once had somebody explain to me how "Do That to Me One More Time" was dirty because it basically bringing up the subject of sex. It seems that the person who was telling me this was under the impression that people didn't have sex (or that it was an activity best kept behind closed doors). That's what is so neat about music; the listener can -- and should -- be free to draw their own conclusions about what they hear. As for me, I still hear the line "kiss me, like you just did...oh Baby, do that to me once again," which indicates that's the activity being sung about. Besides, Toni Tennille was singing about her husband...and even if it was about sex, that's the one person she should be singing to.

In any case, it was the final Top 40 hit the duo would have, as the decade's change symbolically shifted musical tastes as well. As relic of the late 70s, they were essentially cast aside as a "new" era dawned...despite the fact that their adult-leaning compositions were well-suited to fit in. However, "Love Will Keep Us Together," "Lonely Night (Angel Face)" and especially "Muskrat Love" led them to be cast out. They managed two more Hot 100 singles, but that was all.

But I'll go on the record and say this much: Daryl Dragon (The Captain) is one lucky guy. Here's his wife letting millions of people know that he's a stud in her book. And the way she half-sings just how great he is, I wish I can eventually find a lady who can purr like that. Well played, Sir.

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