Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stevie Nicks - "Stand Back"

Stand Back - The Wild Heart

(Debuted June 4, 1983, Peaked #5, 19 Weeks on the Chart)

If you want an example of a synthesizer-based 1980s song, you can never go wrong using this one. Influenced by Prince's "Little Red Corvette," Stevie Nicks was on her her way to her honeymoon when that song came over the air. She began humming the melody and soon wrote out some lyrics. She even managed to get His Royal Badness to come into the studio a short time later and lay down the synthesizer line uncredited. It was one of those songs that has a great deal of energy: from the moment it starts up, it just blows away anything in its path. And that has just as much to do with Nicks' performance as it does with Prince's.

A #5 pop hit, it managed to hold its own against the elements of age much better than many of the electronic-based synth tunes of its era. It has also become a concert staple by Nicks since its debut in 1983, as well as a frequent performance by her band Fleetwood Mac since 1987. It's become one of her signature tunes, despite the fact that it wasn't solidly in the general category of Nicks' library. In short, the driving beat is as solid as any she's ever fronted, and that says a lot.

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