Saturday, July 28, 2012

Extra: New Soft Cell Book

As an 80s music blogger, I often receive emails for stuff that is upcoming, and if they fit the format here, I'll share them with my audience. So, this past Monday I was sent an unsolicited email from Rhino. I'll say it again...this was unsolicited and sent to me because I was an 80s music blogger.

They had a new series of e-Books coming out that related to music from the 1980s, and would I mind helping them spread the word? So...I sent back my answer that I'll be happy to help them out, that I could run posts for three straight weeks, even sent the dates that I would run the posts. My response was rather abrupt: since I also do a 1970s music-related blog, I wasn't able to be given any assistance. Mind you, he sent me the email. Follow-up emails went unanswered, so I don't have five free copies to give to my readers. But, I'll keep my word and run this...and as you read on, please remember that it isn't Kurt B. Reighley's fault that his PR person was rude.

Reighley has written a book titled Say Hello, Wave Goodbye: The Fleeting Fame & Lasting Legacy of Soft Cell. While he goes through the explanation of the duo's rise from the late 1970s punk scene, their early 1980s "overnight" success, their quick stay at the top of the pop scene and their rather quick demise, he also delves into his own status as a fan. The funny the Reighley didn't gravitate to the band through "Tainted Love." As a person who avoided the Top 40 thing, that song was outside of his comfort zone (though he admitted that he did dig it in private). Actually, the song "Frustration" was played to him by a friend who taped it on Night Flight.

Finding something off the beaten path is something I appreciate, and Night Flight was one of my guilty pleasures. Here's the video that "ruined" Reighley for life:

The e-Book is available on iTunes and through Amazon. If you aren't "with it" enough to have a Kindle or an iPad like me, that's can still read it with a computer. Here's your links:

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye: The Fleeting Fame & Lasting Legacy of Soft Cell - Kurt B. Reighley

They're available for $2.49, with no delivery fees. What's even better, they're yours in a matter of minutes.

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