Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Human League - "Mirror Man"

Mirror Man - Fascination! - EP

(Debuted October 1, 1983, Peaked #30, 12 Weeks on the Chart)

When The Human League had its international smash hit "Don't You Want Me" in 1982, they became the first really successful synth-pop group. Where many acts would follow up that degree of success with a new LP and try to sustain it, the band followed their million-selling single with an EP called Fascination! that only barely quenched the public's thirst.

"Mirror Man" was the first song written for the EP. While American listeners may pick up the Motown rhythms that permeate the song, listeners from the band's native England point out that the Northern Soul movement in that country was likely a larger influence for the sound. Years later, it was revealed that the "Mirror Man" in the lyrics was Adam Ant, who writer/singer Philip Oakey had worried was listening way too much to his publicity and losing touch with reality. It was a #2 hit in the U.K., but a more modest #30 on this side of the Atlantic.

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