Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tane Cain - "Holdin' On"

Holdin' On - Tane Cain

(Debuted August 14, 1982, Peaked #37, 11 Weeks on the Chart)

The history of pop music is littered with One-Hit wonders, and here's one that's surprising. A face made for the music video format, a sound that relied heavy on guitar at a time when Pat Benatar was at her peak, and married to a member of Journey (then one of the biggest acts in the business). In 1982, those were strong items on a resume, but "Holdin' On" would be the only hit Tane Cane would have.

Raised in Hawaii, she was born  the daughter of actor Doug McClure. She relocated to the San Francisco Bay area by the late 1970s. It was there she met future husband Jonathan Cain, who joined Journey in 1981. In 1982, she was signed to RCA and immediately had her first Top 40 hit. Unfortunately, her self-titled debut album was a disappointing seller and no further hits followed. She did stay in the music business for a while, doing music for the soundtrack of The Terminator (as Tahnee Cain) in 1984.

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  1. She reminds me of a cross between Laura Brannigan and Juice Newton.