Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rupert Holmes - "I Don't Need You"

(Not Available on iTunes)

(Debuted April 4, 1981, Peaked #56, 7 Weeks on the Chart)

Probably best known for "Escape (the Pina Colada Song)" and often mistakenly called a one-hit wonder, despite another Top 10 hit "Him" and the Top 40 "Answering Machine." Those two songs displayed a sense of humor, and so does "I Don't Need You."

While the title says "I Don't Need You," the lyrics tell an entirely different story. While he claims he's losing weight, he's also losing his mind. He even explains that he's forgotten her number, and then sings, "636-4831." he eventually admits, "I'll never take you back...unless you ask me."

Although "I Don't Need You" would be the final Rupert Holmes song to hit the Hot 100, he remained busy as a songwriter, penning the #3 Jets hit "You Got it All." He also wrote the Broadway play The Mystery of Edwin Drood and all 56 episodes of the cable TV show Remember WENN. He's continued writing plays and even novels. It can be said he's been following his creative muse all along, even during the years when he was getting hit records.

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