Monday, March 28, 2011

INXS -- "Original Sin"

Original Sin (Single Version) - The Best of INXS

(Debuted April 28, 1984, Peaked #58, 7 Weeks on the Chart)

I remember watching the video below on MTV in 1984. I also remember that I was pronouncing the group's name wrong (I called it "Inks" until hearing Martha Quinn say it it during one of her breaks). It was the first I'd heard of the group, as "The One Thing" and the Shabooh Shoobah LP came out before I paid a lot of attention to MTV and the group never really appeared on the local radio until 1986's "What You Need."

Despite becoming the band's first #1 single in their native Australia, "Original Sin" peaked out at #58 on the American pop chart. That wasn't for lack of trying; Daryl Hall helps out on the chorus, Nile Rogers handled the production duties and the video (shown below) was given adequate airplay on MTV. Perhaps the "black boy, white girl" chant in the song was deemed a little too dangerous for mainstream America in 1984.

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