Monday, April 4, 2011

Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart -- "People Get Ready"

People Get Ready (With Rod Stewart) - Flash

(Debuted June 15, 1985, Peaked #48, 10 Weeks on the Chart)

I must have seen the video for this song 50 times when it was new. It was definitely played often enough on MTV, I'd have guessed it went higher on the charts than it did. However, I'm not quite as surprised today, since songs with such an overt religious message don't generally do well on the pop charts.

That said, this was a remake of a 1965 hit by The Impressions that went to #3. It was written by group member Curtis Mayfield and was likely inspired by the Civil Rights movement as it was by his religion. Those of us who missed the 1960s probably also missed the historical component of a train carrying people of all stripes and walks of life. The idea was echoed in a 1973 O'Jays song called "Love Train" but without any religious references, and it went to #1. When Jeff Beck decided to give it a try, he put his own stamp on it. Getting Rod Stewart -- who sang lead in The Jeff Beck Group before he became a superstar -- was a nice touch, even if Beck's guitar could have carried the song by itself.


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  2. terrific song even if it didn't go to #1. I love the guitar and the throaty voice of RS