Friday, April 15, 2011

Sade -- "Never As Good As the First Time"

Never As Good As the First Time - Promise

(Debuted March 29, 1986, Peaked #20, 12 Weeks on the Chart)

Last week, I mentioned a short relationship I had with a girl named Sherry. It didn't work out then, but we decided to give it another try a year later. However,a couple days later, I came to the understanding that she was using our "relationship" to get an excuse to get over by where I lived so she could see a guy she really liked. While I went through the normal range of emotions a teenager experiences during a disappointing episode like that, the current Sade single that was playing on my radio station gave me some advice.

At the time the song came out, I really didn't care for Sade or her sound. It just wasn't the style I was interested in hearing at the age of 13. As the years have passed and my age fell more in line with the audience the music was originally geared to attract, I picked up on some nuances that I never noticed when I was younger. Perhaps that's the whole point of the was an adult subject, told from a point of view an adolescent just couldn't understand. Not that I would have listened even if it were explained to me at the time.

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