Monday, June 18, 2012

Billy Idol -- "Hot in the City"

Hot In The City - Billy Idol

(Debuted December 12, 1987, Peaked #48, 10 Weeks on the Chart)

If the peak position listed above surprises you, or if you distinctly remember Casey Kasem debuting "Hot in the City" on his American Top 40 radio countdown, you're not having what our parents call a "senior moment." Actually, the song was originally a #23 hit in 1983 when it was taken from Billy Idol's self-titled debut solo LP. In 1987, it was included -- as a different mix -- as part of his compilation album Vital Idol. That second time, it fell short of the Top 40 after MTV refused to air the video (shown below) due to some religious imagery involving actress Perri Lister nailed to a cross.

The re-release was a remixed version of Idol's first Top 40 hit, extending the track to a five-minute "dance mix" but without speeding its tempo. The single version reduced the song back down to its original three-and-a-half minute length.

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