Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kansas - "All I Wanted"

All I Wanted - Power

(Debuted November 1, 1986, Peaked #19, 18 Weeks on the Chart)

This certainly wasn't your older brother's Kansas record. "All I Wanted" was the fourth Top 40 hit for Kansas, and it was more of a pop confection than anything they'd ever come out with. However, it was a good piece of 1980s music and fit well with its time.

Kansas had split up in 1983. It ended up becoming a three-year hiatus after Steve Walsh brought original members Phil Erhart and Rick Williams together with new guitarist Steve Morse. While recording their LP Power, the band decided to use a syntesized pop approach rather than the progressive feel of their mid-70s to early-80s heyday. "All I Wanted" represents that new direction; it's a bright, bouncy single that is immediately noticeable.

The new direction didn't last long, though. Eventually, Kansas returned to its progressive roots and it's been years since they've performed the song in concert.

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