Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ready For the World - "Love You Down"

Love You Down - Greatest Hits: Oh Sheila! - Ready for the World

(Debuted November 29, 1986, Peaked #9, 19 Weeks on the Chart)

It takes some guts to call your group Ready For the World. In fact, that kind of confidence in your abilities demands that you be more than a One-Hit Wonder. For this Flint, Michigan-based unit, they proved (albeit briefly) that they could back up their claims. Though they only had three Top 40 pop hits, they amassed seven Top 10 songs on the R&B survey through 1991 and had two #1 R&B hits. The second of those was "Love You Down," a ballad that also reached the pop Top 10 in early 1987.

Unfortunately, the sound of R&B was moving in a different direction. As New Jack Swing and Rap began to take hold, the more sophisticated urban material and the dance-based groove was pushed away, Ready For the World found that their later albums were being overlooked. By 1991, they split up. A reunion came in 2004, and the band still performs today.

However, "Love You Down" would be the band's last blast on the pop chart. A slightly sped-up remake by R&B singer INOJ returned the song to hit radio in 1997. Her album, incidentally, was also called Ready For the World.

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