Monday, June 4, 2012

Midnight Star - "Midas Touch"

Midas Touch - Midnight Star: Greatest Hits

(Debuted September 20, 1986, Peaked #42, 14 Weeks on the Chart)

Midnight Star was an influential R&B group in the 1980s, recording a number of classics in the electro-funk genre. On the pop chart, tough, they only managed a single Top 40 hit (1985's "Operator") and a handful of songs that made the Hot 100. Of all of those tunes, "Midas Touch" was the closest they would get to another Top 40 pop hit, as it stalled at #42.

Part of Dick Griffey's SOLAR constellation, Midnight Star was able to tap the production skills of one of its own members, Reggie Calloway. After a string of hits like "Freak-a-Zoid," "No Parking On the Dance Floor" and "Wet My Whistle," as well as three Top 10 R&B LPs, internal dissension within the group forced Calloway out, along with his brother Vincent. The change effectively ended the group's influence; they recorded two more albums but clearly weren't the same group they had been before the brothers split.

In 1990, Reggie and Vincent formed Calloway and scored another One-Hit wonder with "I Want to Be Rich." They have continued songwriting and producing for other artists and are still active in the business.

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