Monday, May 9, 2011

707 - "I Could Be Good For You"

I Could Be Good for You - 707

(Debuted October 11, 1980, Peaked #52, 9 Weeks on the Chart)

1979 had been a great year for Casablanca Records because of its position as the pre-eminent disco label. However, 1979 was also a bad year for the same label when the backlash against disco went into full swing.  Realizing that the tastes of music fans was changing as a new decade arrived, they added some acts that were more rock-leaning. 707 was one of those post-disco signings.

While "I Could Be Good For You" was a nice debut for the Detroit-rooted band and attracted attention from several listeners who caught it on album-oriented rock stations, 707 never managed to get a followup hit. The band was plagued by changing lineups, shakeups at the record companies and the changing tastes of the general public. Despite opening gigs in support of AOR stalwarts like REO Speedwagon, Rainbow and Loverboy, they never managed to break through despite the potential they showed in that first hit.

707 was a group that featured several distinct singers, which meant nobody was the "regular" lead singer. Bass player Phil Bryant handled the lead vocals on "I Could Be Good For You," but guitarist Kevin Russell and keyboardist Duke McFadden were also able to get in front of the microphone. The song was written by McFadden and drummer Jim McClarty.

The video below comes from an appearance on The Midnight Special. That is Stephanie Mills doing the intro, which seems odd given the difference in material. However, that was the beauty of The Midnight Special before it was tossed to the wayside like many programs in the wake of the MTV juggernaut.

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