Thursday, May 26, 2011

Skyy - "Call Me"

Call Me - Salsoul Classic, Vol. 2

(Debuted January 16, 1982, Peaked #26, 11 Weeks on the Chart)  

I once heard a stand-up comedian (maybe Wanda Sykes, but I might be mistaken) explaining one of the many differences between men and woman. She said that when a man introduces his girlfriend to one of his buddies, that buddy will say "I need to find a girl like that." Women, on the other hand...would say, "I want that man."

That's the topic of "Call Me." Accompanied by a wonderfully funky guitar riff, the lead singer is coming on to the lover of her best friend. And, by virtue of being a dog simply because of his gender, the guy is calling in before the song is over to get in on the action that is being offered him. Turns out he was a "playa" all along.

Skyy - Call Me
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