Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Supertramp - "It's Raining Again"

It's Raining Again - Famous Last Words

(Debuted October 30, 1982, Peaked #11, 12 Weeks on the Chart)  

Supertramp was a well-known group in the U.S. and elsewhere during the 1970s, but since I was really young I never knew about them until I heard this song toward the end of 1982. I was turning 10 around that time, so I'm not entirely sure if it was the music video that told the story of a man who's constantly unlucky or the children singing "It's Raining, It's Pouring" as the song began to fade out. In any case, I liked the song when I heard it.

As a young kid who was then getting into Monty Python (thanks to seeing And Now For Something Completely Different on a cable station), I may have been drawn by a twisted sense of humor. Considering the cover of the LP ...Famous Last Words shows a pair of scissors cutting a tightrope while it's being used, in addition to the way Murphy's Law applied to the protagonist in the song's video, it definitely seemed the band was delightfully twisted in that sense.

"It's Raining Again" would be the last big hit for Supertramp's most successful lineup. Roger Hodgson, who wrote the song, would leave the band after the band's 1983 tour to stay closer to home.

(Sorry if the YouTube video doesn't work. Due to copyright issues, it doesn't play everywhere. If you click on the Amazon link below, you can hear a 30-second clip of the song.)

Supertramp (It's Raining Again) - MyVideo

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