Monday, May 23, 2011

Kano - "Can't Hold Back (Your Loving)"

Can't Hold Back (Original) - New York Cake (LP) - EP

(Debuted December 26, 1981, Peaked #89, 4 Weeks on the Chart)  

Formed in 1979 in Italy, Kano was a dance-oriented group whose sound was referred to as "Italo-disco" even though disco itself was considered to be dead by the time they arrived on the scene. A purely studio concoction, the producers behind the group (Luciano Ninzatti, Stefano Pulga and Matteo Bonsatto) relied more heavily on synthesizers and other electronic instruments to accompany their session singers than disco acts of the 1970s, which frequently used string and brass sections of an orchestra.

"Can't Hold Back (Your Loving)" was the band's only hit on the U.S. pop chart, but they scored other hits on Billboard's R&B and disco charts as well. The group broke up after 1985.

Although it didn't get too far up the pop chart, "Can't Hold Back (Your Loving)" has a nice funk groove that has probably been used in samples by recent artists. If I'm wrong about that, it should has a great little groove there.

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