Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Steel Breeze - "You Don't Want Me Anymore"

You Don't Want Me Anymore - Steel Breeze

(Debuted August 28, 1982, Peaked #16, 19 Weeks on the Chart)  

During an episode of the American Top 40 program, Casey Kasem told a story about how Steel Breeze was "discovered" as part of a large stack of demo tapes that were about to get tossed out. Whether that story is true or just a "feel good" story sent out by the record company to generate positive buzz for an artist remains to be seen.

Despite that story, Steel Breeze had been performing "You Don't Want Me Anymore" for a few years around its Sacramento home base before it was made into a hit single. Written by band member Ken Goorabian, the song would be the last one produced by former Runaways impresario Kim Fowley before he moved on to other interests outside of the music business. The video proved popular during MTV's early days,which no doubt helped send it toward the Top 40.

Steel Breeze managed one follow-up hit that also reached the Top 40 called "Dreamin' is Easy" but were soon dropped by their record label. They released some albums on independents and went through a revolving door of members, but never managed to get back on the Hot 100 after that.

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