Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bourgeois Tagg - "I Don't Mind at All"

(Not Available on iTunes)

Debuted October 10, 1987, Peaked #38, 17 Weeks on the Chart

Here's a song I heard often when it was a hit (in fact, much more often than its #38 peak would indicate), and to say I wasn't a fan would probably be a gross understatement. It was a slow-moving song -- despite its two and-a-half minute length -- that appeared at a time where a lot of the hits featured sped-up rhythms. But then again, I was almost fifteen years old and my life experience really didn't give me a lot to find anything appealing about the song.

Today, a line like "several years ago I said goodbye to my own sanity" definitely sticks with me. Because I can definitely relate in a way I just couldn't at a young age. I also find it interesting that I felt the instrumentation to be boring, as it's similar to what The Beatles used in "Yesterday" and "I Am the Walrus," both of which I liked at the time. Todd Rungren produced the track, which may account for the complexity of the background arrangement.

Bourgeois Tagg's name came from the last names of its two main members: Brent Bourgeios and Larry Tagg. They had been working together since 1984 and "I Don't Mind at All" came from their second LP Yoyo. They would break up a short time later, after further singles failed to get any notice. Bourgeois would later resurface as a Contemporary Christian artist during the 1990s.

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