Monday, September 5, 2011

Noel - "Silent Morning"

Silent Morning - Best of Legends of Freestyle

(Debuted August 22, 1987, Peaked #47, 22 Weeks on the Chart)

Noel was a Bronx-born singer of Puerto Rican heritage who recorded in what was known as Freestyle, one of the many different paths what was once called disco took after going "underground" as the decade turned. Although he later had a pair of #1 dance hits in 1988, "Silent Morning" was his highest-charting pop hit.

Several descriptions of the song explain how the lines "I'm on fire..." as well as the concept of waking up alone and thinking back on a love that is lost mirrored what was then going on due to the AIDS epidemic. Given the popularity of Freestyle and dance music in general among the gay crowd, that is possible. However, those same words can also be implied to be about young love (the "I'm on fire" could just mean he's horny) and a more figurative type of "leaving" than one that is so permanent. In either case, the words speak to a wide range of people, like a good song should.

In that case, the beat is truly unifying.

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