Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wang Chung - "Let's Go!"

Let's Go - Everybody Wang Chung Tonight - Wang Chung's Greatest Hits

(Debuted January 24, 1987, Peaked #9, 18 Weeks on the Chart)

Fresh off the success of their #2 hit "Everybody Have Fun Tonight," Wang Chung followed up with another upbeat tune that I personally preferred. While the earlier hit seemed goofy and cartoonish (perhaps the use of the band's name in the chorus turned me off), "Let's Go!" seemed to be about just going out and having fun. There's a very fine distinction, but it's there. Even at 14 years old, I saw that when it came out.

While I definitely think "Let's Go!" deserved its final spot in the pop Top 10, it's a shame that it has been largely forgotten in favor of "Everybody Have Fun Tonight." Mainly, I see it as a vindication, a way of reminding listeners that there was more to the band than the first hit offered. Anyway, it's worth listening to if you've never heard it...especially if you've never known any other Wang Chung hits besides the one major hit they enjoyed.

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