Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Surface - "Shower Me With Your Love"

Shower Me With Your Love - 2nd Wave

(Debuted July 1, 1989, Peaked #5, 19 Weeks on the Chart)

Homecoming weekend, 1989. I was a high school senior, as well as a lineman on the varsity football team. We won the game and I went to the Homecoming dance afterwards to join in the celebration. I didn't stay very long but took the opportunity to dance with an underclassman who lived up the road from me.

I really liked her but never had the guts to say it. She was a couple of years younger and I may have been worried that the difference in age was going to be a problem...not between us, but with friends. So I let the matter slide and never really mentioned anything about it to her (in fact, she still may have never caught on...which is why I haven't mentioned her name). We remained very good friends, though, even while I went on to join the Army and go to college before we lost touch.

All we ended up sharing was that one dance at Homecoming. The song we danced to? "Shower Me With Your Love," which was then in the Top 10. Hearing that song ever since has reminded me of her and that moment.

"Shower Me With Your Love" was one of three #1 singles on the R&B chart (and five Top 5 hits on that chart) from Surface's 2nd Wave LP. However, it was the only one of those that made a big impression on the pop chart. The band returned in 1990/'91 with a song called "The First Time" that hit #1 on the pop, adult and R&B charts.

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