Thursday, September 8, 2011

Robbie Nevil - "Dominoes"

Dominoes - The Best of Robbie Neville

(Debuted February 14, 1987, Peaked #14, 16 Weeks on the Chart)

For the second straight day, I'm featuring a followup single to a #2 smash that I actually found more interesting. In the case of "Dominoes," it followed the smash hit "C'est La Vie" (not the Chuck Berry song). In this case, the preference is little more than a personal one, since the first hit was really good on its own.

In 1987, songs with a beat were really common, but "Dominoes" was different. The rhythm was influenced by a Caribbean beat, and the lyrics seemed to have a lot more imagery with their account of a woman who can make men fall over (themselves, I assume) due to her beauty. At least I hope it's due to her beauty; this doesn't appear to be a Medusa story.

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