Monday, September 19, 2011

De La Soul - "Me, Myself & I"

Me, Myself & I - King's Ransom: The Album (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

(Debuted June 3, 1989, Peaked #34, 17 Weeks on the Chart)

De La Soul was a Long Island-based rap trio that caught attention with its wordplay and jazz-influenced stylings. They were quick to poke fun of the more violent and decadent direction that mainstream hip-hop was taking, but did it with a sense of humor (probably to keep from hiving any caps popped into their collective asses).

Several songs were sampled in "Me, Myself & I," most notably Parliament's "(Not Just) Knee Deep." The thing I most remember about the song was that while one of my friends (a teammate on the varsity football team with me) was a fan of the song, but was good enough to tell me where that sample could be found. As a result, I looked for that and was given quite a lesson about what Funk was.

Any song (or group) that can introduce somebody to Parliament is worth a spotlight.

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